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Care about creating an impact that lasts? You have your hеart set on delivering value through the products you build? Welcome home.

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What is it like being an Ibornian

Working at IBORN means being a part of a team that functions as a family and values mutual trust and respect. We care a lot about each other and about what we do. Our togetherness makes us who we are, and it's one of the reasons why people see IBORN as a second home.

People that work here are smart, driven, creative, and genuine. They have an engineering mindset, a systematic approach to problems, and a strong affinity with high-quality products, always striving for excellence and having a long-term vision to ensure the enduring appeal of our services while respecting IBORN's culture. 

Our team is formed of Software engineers, QA Specialists, DevOps Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Data Scientists, BI Consultants, united by pride in professionalism and a constant desire to develop their own skills.  

When you join IBORN you work alongside leaders eager to share their knowledge with you and inspire you to always excel.

Sound like the kind of place you'd like to be? We'd love to meet you.

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Our culture

Our culture is based on the values we nurture. Our main value is care in all of its contexts. For us, it means respect, understanding, and constant support on both professional and personal levels. We care for each other for the sake of caring, not because we want something in return. We also care about our clients through the project work, its overall quality, and their project’s real needs. As great software consultants we are, we always offer them the solution they need, that will make an impact and will deliver value.

We’re more than just an IT resource. Our business model is based on a partnership where our people have direct communication with clients, participate in decision making, and have visibility of results, and their contributions and impact are always recognized.

We aim to continuously improve and to learn from one another because it allows us to iterate and redefine our work. We have a feedback-oriented mindset (always in a constructive way) and knowledge-sharing culture. Every Ibornian, during their career here, gains a precious heritage of knowledge which is passed on to the younger generation through the mentorship model, so they learn and grow faster and easier.  Collective strength is a tangible reality at IBORN, that’s why our internal motto is Winning together! 

Also, we like to play foosball, we like to play ping pong, we like to take coffee breaks together and talk about the latest news, we like to work out together, we celebrate individual wins, we celebrate team wins, we are…like you.

Why work with us?

  • Meaningful projects

    We’re committed to working on projects that motivate our employees. We aim to staff our people into projects where we empower them to be owners and innovators with a systematic and engineering approach.

  • Stimulating organization

    We encourage people to pursue their ambitions and aspirations thanks to various career development and learning opportunities, such as personalized career programs, internal job mobility, contributing to intrapreneurial and cross-entity projects, and other initiatives. That is how we enable them to expand their scope of responsibilities, broaden their skills and expertise, and enrich their experience.
    Besides, the nature and diversity of IBORN projects offer boundless opportunities for people to thrive, grow and discover new horizons.

  • A knowledge economy

    Thanks to the distinctive profiles, skills, and experiences of our people, we have established a true “knowledge economy” where each person can express their talent and where each new idea that someone contributes can inspire another. At IBORN, learning from one another and sharing experiences – both successes and failures – are always encouraged.
    Our ambition is to always surpass the ordinary, to strive for excellence, inspired by creativity and innovation, and driven by challenges. This makes IBORN a place where you can learn, develop and explore your full potential.

  • Growth & Development

    In a sector as dynamic as the software industry, challenging ourselves and being open to the world around us is absolutely essential. We have a sharp focus on our employee skills development initiatives that are based on continuity and following the latest technologies and the personal pace and ambitions of the employee.
    With support from their mentor and our Talent Development Manager, employees play the lead role in their career growth.

  • Encouraging risk-taking and pushing boundaries

    At IBORN we never settle for the ordinary and continually explore new ideas. The engineering approach is one of our main values and guides everything we do. This challenges us to constantly push limits in the quest for excellence that defines our world. When you join IBORN you become part of a community of talents who shape remarkable teams.

  • Winning together!

    IBORN is home to bright minds and exceptional professionals with unique identities. They have flourished over the years because they are passionate about their work and the outstanding quality products and services they provide for our customers. They also thrive thanks to continuous learning and innovation coupled with a deep respect for the team in which they operate.

Our People

Get to know our ibornians, what they are like, what motivates them, and what they find the hardest. Along the way read the pieces of advice from our Talent Development Manager and Recruitment Specialist.

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