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Being an ibornian by Todor Dimov, Software Quality Assurance

How would you describe iborn.net in 5 words? 

A company worth working for.


What was your passion before joining iborn.net? Were you searching for something and did you find it here?

I was searching for a place where I can show what I can do, upgrade my skills, and be appreciated as a team member and a person. I certainly found what I was looking for.


What surprised you the most when you first started working at iborn? 

What surprised me the most was how well connected the people are despite working from home for a long time.


You started working remotely, so how is that? What helps you stay connected with the other ibornians?

Working remotely is great for me, I appreciate that I have the option to do so. I think the daily, weekly meetings, and especially the coffee break meetings are great for staying connected with the others.


What motivates you when you work from home?

Knowing that my work adds value to the project.


What things do you find harder to learn when you’re new and not in the office, and how do you find the answer? 

Probably learning the business logic of the project can be a bit tricky at the start. As good as the documentation can be, it’s always easier to ask some more experienced members of the team a question when something is not clear enough. The thing that I found to be the most helpful is a quick meeting to discuss the problem.



What’s the highlight of your day/week?

My highlight of the week is the Iborn weekly meeting.



What is the hardest part of your job?

Figuring out what the end-user will do while using the app and how to make sure the user does not run into a bug.



What’s your favorite thing about iborn.net?

The friendly atmosphere and helpful coworkers.


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